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                MINISTRY OF COMMERCE

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                Regular Press Conference of the Ministry of Commerce (August 27, 2020)

                CNBC: What progress has been made in China’s anti-dumping investigation into wine imports from Australia?

                Gao Feng: In response to an application filed by the China Alcoholic Drinks Association, on August 18, MOFCOM launched an anti-dumping investigation into wine imports from Australia in containers holding 2 liters or less. According to China’s Anti-dumping Regulation, an investigation should normally be concluded within one year, and can be extended by six months under special circumstances. The investigation has just begun and is being conducted in accordance with statutory procedures. The investigating authority will carry out the probe in a fair and impartial manner in accordance with law. It will gather information through questionnaires, sampling, hearings and on-site verification, among other means, and will protect the legitimate rights of all stakeholders in the probe. Thank you.

                Shanghai Securities News: Recently localities launched campaigns to say no to food waste and to conserve food. Going forward, what steps will be taken at the national level to improve the norms of food and beverage saving? Will measures be introduced to stop food and beverage waste?

                Gao Feng: In recent years, MOFCOM has been working with relevant departments in launching “Operation Empty Plates” and the campaign to encourage thrift and conservation while discouraging extravagance and waste in the catering sector. Some progress has been made.

                In order to further encourage conservation and say no to food and beverage waste, on the basis of preliminary research and discussion, MOFCOM is working with relevant departments to formulate policies and measures to stop food and beverage waste, support trade associations in exercising self-discipline, and push for the establishment of a long-term mechanism to discourage waste. In terms of improving the norms of food and beverage saving, MOFCOM will work with relevant departments to issue standards related to green catering, and formulate and revise a number of sectoral standards, on some of which we are soliciting opinions from the sector and the public. We will revise and improve the standards according to the opinions and suggestions from various parties, and strive to publish the standards as soon as possible. Thank you!

                Hong Kong Commercial Daily: Will the cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) continue to be implemented after its 10-year term ends next month?

                Gao Feng: China’s mainland and Taiwan region signed the cross-Strait ECFA in 2010 on the political basis that the two sides adhered to the 1992 consensus. By the end of 2019, the mainland had cut and exempted, in cumulative terms, USD6.15 billion of tariffs for Taiwan, and 56 financial and 1,333 non-financial firms had benefitted from relevant preferential policies to provide services in the mainland. The ECFA has brought real benefits to businesses and people in Taiwan, including numerous SMEs and farmers and fishermen, which is plain for all to see. I’d like to point out that, for some time now, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration has been using various excuses and means to obstruct and sabotage cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation. This will only narrow the room for economic development and directly undermine the interest of our fellow countrymen and women in Taiwan. Thank you.

                Gao Feng: This is the end of today’s press conference. Thank you.

                (All information published in this website is authentic in Chinese. English is provided for reference only. )

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