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                MINISTRY OF COMMERCE

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                Regular Press Conference of the Ministry of Commerce (September 3, 2020)

                Gao Feng: Friends from the media, good afternoon. Welcome to the regular press conference of MOFCOM. I have no announcement to make, so I’d like to take your questions. The floor is open.

                CMG: Could you please brief us on the pilot program MOFCOM has launched in Tianjin, Harbin and Shenzhen for entry of export products into the domestic market?

                Gao Feng: In response to the calling of local authorities and businesses, starting September 8, MOFCOM will work together with the government of Tianjin, Heilongjiang and Shenzhen to launch a series of activities to sell quality goods intended for export on the major pedestrian streets in Tianjin, Harbin and Shenzhen. These events serve the purpose of fostering new dual-cycle development architecture at home, with the domestic cycle as the mainstay and with domestic and international development reinforcing each other. It is another step toward implementation of the Opinions of the General Office of the State Council Concerning Support for Selling Goods Intended for Export on the Domestic Market.
                In order to further promote the recovery of consumption and unleash the potential of spending, MOFCOM will instruct local authorities to launch consumption promotion activities in September and October, which is traditionally a shopping season. Selling quality goods intended for international market on the pedestrian streets will contribute heavily to boosting consumption. The three major pedestrians boast a cluster of branded goods, numerous shops and abundant resources. Integration of online shopping and brick-and-mortar shopping will help foreign trade companies expand the domestic market. Goods with distinct local features will be the highlights of the activities. In Tianjin Jinjie Pedestrian Street, there are areas dedicated for transformation and upgrading base for foreign trade, industrial goods, and farm goods and byproducts. The Harbin Central Avenue set up booths for farm goods and byproducts, consumer goods and live streaming e-commerce for the purpose of poverty alleviation. The Shenzhen Dong Men Pedestrian Street will unveil scientific and technological shows and interactions and fashion products. Besides, foreign trade companies from Inner Mongolia will travel to Tianjin and Harbin to sell their quality cashmere products and expand the domestic market.

                Such activities will continue to strengthen public services and support the transfer of products intended for export to domestic sales. First, promote the products featuring "the same production line, same standard and same quality". We will support the expansion of such products from agricultural produce to more consumer goods, and provide standard guarantee for their transfer to domestic sales. Second, fully leverage the roles of online and offline channels. We will organize activities such as online marketing by social influencers and direct purchase in shops and supermarkets, and help high-quality foreign trade products enhance their popularity and expand domestic sales. Third, let chambers of commerce and associations organize supply chain enterprises and purchasers to participate in such activities.
                The Ministry of Commerce will continue to work with relevant localities and departments to support marketable products intended for export to explore the domestic market and keep the fundamentals of foreign trade and investment stable. Thank you!

                Bloomberg: The Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology have recently adjusted and released the Catalogue of Technologies Prohibited or Restricted from Export. Under the new policy, does ByteDance, who is discussing the sale of TikTok with the United States, need to obtain approval from the Chinese government before they can proceed with the sale? Has ByteDance submitted the relevant applications to the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology? Is this policy formulated to delay the sales of TikTok?

                Gao Feng: The Catalogue of Technologies Prohibited or Restricted from Export adjusted and released this time is a routine adjustment to the 2008 Catalogue according to the developments of science and technology and the needs to promote international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation in line with international common practices. It is not aimed at any specific enterprise.
                According to the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Technology Import and Export, in recent years, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology have been actively revising the Catalogue. In 2018, they extensively solicited opinions from relevant departments, industry associations, industries, academia and the public on the revised draft of the Regulations. The adjusted Catalogue was issued and implemented after completing the legal procedures.

                If the technologies specified in the Catalogue are involved in trade, investment or foreign technological cooperation of relevant companies, we suggest these companies consult with provincial commerce authority in a timely manner and act in accordance with regulations. Thank you!

                China News Service: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently announced his resignation. How would MOFOCM comment the achievements in China-Japan economic and trade cooperation in recent years?

                In recent years, China-Japan relations have got back on track and achieved new progress. The important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries have set out clear direction for stronger bilateral commercial cooperation. As two major economies of the world, China and Japan are also important trade and economic partners of each other. The bilateral trade value exceeded USD310 billion in 2019. Japan’s total real investment in China stood at over USD110 billion, making Japan No 1 in China’s country-specific ranking of foreign investment utilization. China’s investment in Japan has grown steadily with a broader coverage. Under the China-Japan High-level Economic Dialogue Mechanism, the two sides have had effective exchanges on macroeconomic policies, promoted cooperation in the third markets, innovation and services trade. Japanese enterprises took active part in the China International Import Expo. The two countries have kept communication and coordination on multilateral and regional issues and worked together to uphold the multilateral trading system.

                Since COVID-19 broke out, China and Japan have supported each other. Our economic and trade cooperation has shown strong resilience in the face of the epidemic shock. From January to July this year, the bilateral trade value declined by 2.2% year-on-year, 0.7 percentage points narrower than the decrease of the first six month of 2020. The monthly import and export volume has resumed growth since March.

                China is willing to work with Japan to earnestly implement the important consensus by our leaders on trade and economic fronts, stay committed to building China-Japan relations that suit the new era, deepen our cooperation in fighting COVID-19 and economic and social development, and help to put the world economy back on the path of growth from COVID-19 effects. Thank you!

                AFP: What’s your comment on the announcement of the Indian government to ban the use of 118 Chinese apps? Will China take reciprocal countermeasures?

                Gao Feng: India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has decided to block 118 Chinese apps citing their prejudice to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence, security of state and public order. China is seriously concerned about and strongly opposed to this move.
                In placing discriminatory restrictions on Chinese companies, India is abusing the national security concept and violating WTO rules. The Chinese government has all along required Chinese companies operating overseas to comply with international rules, local laws and regulations. India’s move erodes not only the legitimate interests and rights of Chinese investors and service providers, but also interests of Indian consumers. It will be detrimental to the investment environment and openness of the Indian economy.
                China urges India to correct its wrongful practices, as trade and economic cooperation between China and India is mutually beneficial. It is hoped that India will work with China to safeguard the hard-earned fruits of cooperation and development, and provide an open, fair, and just business environment for international investors and service providers, including those from China. Thank you.

                Gao Feng: This is the end of the press conference. Thank you.

                (All information published in this website is authentic in Chinese. English is provided for reference only. )

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