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                MINISTRY OF COMMERCE

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                Prices of edible agricultural products and means of production rises slightly last week

                Last week (August17-23) the prices of edible agricultural products and means of production roseby 0.4% and 0.5% respectively compared with the previous week, MOFCOMstatistics show.

                On the edibleagricultural product market:

                The prices of grain and oil remainedstable. The prices ofrice and flour were on a par with the previous week, the prices of peanut oiland soybean oil went up by 0.3% and 0.2%, and the price of rapeseed oil droppedby 0.1%.

                The average wholesale price of 30 kinds ofvegetables was 4.56 yuan per kilogram, up 3.6%. The wholesale prices of cucumber, rape, and greenbean up 18.8%, 13.9%, and 12%.

                The average wholesale price of six kindsof fruits went down by 0.5%. The wholesale prices of grape, banana, and pear down 3.8%, 0.4%, and 0.2%.

                The prices of meat saw slightfluctuations. Thewholesale price of pork decreased by 0.5% to 48.09 yuan per kilogram, while thewholesale prices of beef and mutton climbed by 0.5%.

                The prices of poultry products were mixed.The wholesale price ofeggs declined by 1.3%, whereas the wholesale price of chicken grew by 0.4%.

                The prices of aquatic products decreasedmarginally. The wholesaleprices of carp, crucian carp, and hairtail subtracted by 0.9%, 0.9%, and 0.8%respectively.

                On the means of production market:

                The prices of nonferrous metal picked up. The prices of zinc, copper, and aluminumgrew by 2.9%, 7%, and 0.8%.

                The prices of rubber increased slightly. The prices of natural and synthetic rubbergrew by 0.5% and 0.1%.

                The prices of coal remained stable withmild increase. The priceof steam coal increased by 0.2% to 556 yuan per ton, and the prices of #2anthracite and coking coal were 895 yuan and 745 yuan per ton, unchanged fromthe previous week.

                The prices of steel remained stable withupticks. The prices ofchannel steel and high-speed wire rod were 4,024 yuan and 4,011 yuan per ton,up 0.3% and 0.1%, while the prices of rebar and hot rolled strip were 3,890yuan and 4,089 yuan per ton, unchanged from the week before.

                The prices of chemical fertilizersincreased slightly. Theprices of both urea and nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium compound fertilizer grewby 0.1%.

                The wholesale prices of refined oildeclined. The prices ofRON 92 gasoline, RON 95 gasoline, and diesel all declined by 0.1%.

                The prices of basic chemicals fluctuatedslightly. The prices ofsulfuric acid and methanol went down by 0.3% and 0.2%, the price of washingsoda increased by 0.2%, and the price of polypropylene remained unchanged fromthe week before.

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