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                Foreign Trade

                Belt and Road


                Reports have been saying that the Belt and Road projects have increased the debts of countries along the routes. What’s MOFCOM’s comment?(2018-6-7)


                The Belt and Road initiative has been highly commended and positively responded by the international community and relevant countries since its inception.........

                Foreign Investment

                Service Trade


                As you said, outsourcing is the main form of producer services export. Could you provide more information? Thank you.(2020-1-17)


                So far, all areas covered by outsourcing are under the category of producer services. From 2013 to 2018, China’s offshore outsourcing grew by 14.3% annually......


                It is required in the Guiding Opinions to accelerate digital transformation and establish a number of digital service export bases. What are the considerations behind? Thank you.(2020-1-17)


                Thank you. The emergence and widespread application of information technology (IT) and the internet has enabled and expanded.........

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